While in parkour we are trying to understand more

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It seemed like every school district in central New Jersey was getting into the lease purchase game that year but not without plenty of controversy. Taxpayers, dismayed that construction plans were being contemplated without voter approval, objected in many towns. Improvements in Passaic Township and at Hunterdon Central High School were held up for months and years while the courts got involved..

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When I look at Youtube and when I type parkour or freerunning, I can not relate or feel close to what shows up 99.99% of the time. Why? What we do is completely different from the inside. While in parkour we are trying to understand more about ourselves, get more confidence, be a happier person, stronger on many levels of our life, the other sort are feeding their egos with short term performances that will only lead to more suffering and eventually the end of their movement and of their good health..

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