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Responding to the finance ministry officials comments, Hiranandani said on Tuesday, theory, yes lost input tax credit (ITC) on exemption from GST is an issue of concern, but that is not what the industry suggestion. Has to be viewed from the perspective of incentivizing consumers by inducing them to make a purchase leading to the consumption which is the need of an hour. The argument is that a cut in GST for a short term, say next 6 months, will reduce the amount paid for the good or service, so the consumer will buy more (spend more) and thereby, revitalize the economy.

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Some African Americans have said wearing face masks puts them at risk of being racially profiled: REUTERSPublic health officials in Ohio were forced to issue an apology after their guidance on face masks told black Americans not to wear gang colours or symbols on home made coverings.The Franklin County Public Health board, which covers the state’s largest city Columbus, released a document last month addressed at “communities of colour” about wearing face masks.In it, the officials recommended avoiding “fabrics that elicit deeply held stereotypes” such as skull or horror themed prints or bandanas.”When utilising a homemade mask, avoid bandanas that are red or blue, as these are typically associated with gang symbolism,” the document continued.”It is not recommended to wear a scarf just simply tied around the head as this can indicate unsavoury behaviour, although not intended.”But now Franklin County Public Health has tweeted an apology and admitted the guidance “came across as offensive and blaming the victims”.”Everyone deserves to feel safe while wearing a face covering and not be subjected to stigma, bias or discrimination. We apologise and will continue to stay engaged in tough conversations to be better for the communities we serve.”Numerous black Americans have expressed concern about wearing improvised face coverings in public, which has become official guidance in many parts of the United States.A tweet by Columbus teacher Aaron Thomas went viral in April shortly after the new rules encouraging face coverings came into force.”I don’t feel safe wearing a handkerchief or something else that isn’t clearly a protective mask covering my face to the store because I am a Black man living in this world. I want to stay alive but I also want to stay alive.”Trevon Logan, a professor at Ohio State University, has also summed up the fears of many black Americans: “We have the advice to go out in public in something that wholesale nfl jerseys from china.

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